Water Tots

Water Tots / Infants just love being in warm water & and it’s really good for them. For many of our parents, their child’s first swimming lessons are among their most precious memories, memories we can capture beautifully with spectacular photos you’ll treasure forever. Swimming is also the perfect exercise for little ones, since water allows their muscles to move freely and they’re supported by its buoyancy. You and your child will be instructed in the basics of swimming. Our instructors will introduce your child to water, through fun activities and by encouraging interaction between you, your child and the instructor, in a bright, fun and safe environment. The aim of this class is to build water confidence through exercise and encouragement.
Lessons are as follows 3 Months – 18 Months
Water Tot’s & Preschool (Per-Term) $180 ( 10×20-Minute Lessons )

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