Mishani Bennett

Iv been taking my son Ryder aged two to Kevin’s swim school for over a year now. Ryder absolutely loves the water but isn’t so thrilled when he has to float on his back but he has learnt that when coming up from under the water he needs to roll on to his back to breath and today was a perfect example of his knowledge to do this. Me and my friends took the kids swimming at cbay. I was holding Ryders hand while in the water when he slipped under the water but instead of splashing his arms crazily like I thought he would he just calmly rolled on to his back up to the surface, I then picked him up. He would not have known to do this if it had not been for the swimming lesson. Attending the swim school school classes has made me feel a lot safer when swimming with Ryder and has given Ryder the confidence he needs when in the water.
Thanks Kevin, your a fantastic teacher.